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Yuriko's adventures in life, love and shoujoai. Shoujoai ni Bouken, Volume 1, is now available as an illustrated novel on the Yuricon Shop! Get your copy today!

Written by Erica Friedman. All rights reserved.

Saiyuu no Ryokou - An Introduction:

SnR is NOT a shoujo manga-style story. It is very consciously NOT shoujo. I've written it much more in the style of josei (manga for an older female audience.) It still has shoujoai and yuri elements, but it's not about kids or their points of view. Just bear that in mind as you read it.

If the gods are good to me and I survive this story and Yuricon, the next Yuriko story will be shounen style, because I like a challenge. :-) That ought to take us into 2006.


Last note: The title is in crappy Japanese, just like the original title of  SnB for many reasons.** But it *loosely* translates into "Journey to the West," which is a tremendously fabulous Chinese epic saga about Sun Wu-Kong, the Monkey King and the monk Tripitaka. In alot of ways, that book defines this work...and in many, many more, it has absolutely NOTHING at all to do with it, but it made a catchy title. :-) In any case, enjoy!

** Walking around Comiket, I noticed very creative uses of English in many titles and circle names, so I feel no shame at *all* about using Japanese poorly in this case. LOL

- Erica Friedman, February 2003

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